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Urja Desai Thakore, Artistic Director

She is a graceful and emotive dancer who is renowned for her love of Abhinay (Facial Expression), clear but subtle movements, technical strength and varied vocabulary. Her energetic choreographic style is highly regarded by both traditionalists and modernists alike. She has been trained in Kathak under India's internationally acclaimed Kathak guru and choreographer Kumudini Lakhia and has performed and choreographed extensively in Asia, Europe and the UK.

'Urja Desai Thakore is a fluid and vivid performer both in her range of facial expression and her poetic hand gestures...' - Katie Fish, Resolution!2010

Today she lives in Britain where she performs, choreographs and teaches Kathak. She is also an experienced choreographer of folk dances from Western India and continues to create noteworthy productions. Urja is the Artistic Director of the Pagrav Dance Company.

Urja has extensive choreographic experience in an international context and is proficient in working with a wide dance vocabulary. Her career highlights include:

  • co-choreographing 'Bells' for Akademi at the Trafalgar Square Festival, a large outdoor dance spectacle which brought together international talents from Delhi, London and Belgium.
  • choreographing Baharan - the Spring for Pagrav Dance Company.
  • Choreographing and performing Hats for Resolution!
  • Collaboration with Divya Kasturi to create 'Dwayam' which sought to combine the choreography of Kathak and Bharatanatyam.

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