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Pagrav Dance Company and Artistic Director Urja Thakore. Dance leads to eternal purity.

Pagrav, meaning sound of feet, was founded by its artistic director Urja Thakore. The company aims to promote Kathak in its purest form through evolution of choreographic techniques in performances.

The company's objective is to promote the dance form through educational workshops and organising sharing for upcoming projects. The uniqueness of this company is to produce traditional work depicting the contemporary thoughts of modern world. Since its establishment in UK the company has done few noteworthy performances, research and development and sharing under its banner.

The Company also aims to organise a platform for young and upcoming dancers based in Milton Keynes and London.

'Nothing could have been more beautiful. Even to the untrained eye, as a dancer swayed in perfect synchronisation with music' - The Times of India, Ahmedabad.

'In the music of Atul Desai, Urja Desai performed the technical aspect of Kathak in a perfect manner.' - Hindustan Times

'It was undoubtedly Urja Desai who won the hearts of the audience by her fantastic performance. The performance ... not only revived the soul and the tradition of dance, but also gave new dimensions to Kathak.' - Amar Ujjala

'Urja Desai Thakore composed the dance piece excellently ... It was a beautiful start to an amazing piece...' - Pulse, UK

'Kids inspire me with their unique creativity. They see the World in a different way. Teaching allows me to learn from them.' - Urja Desai Thakore, Artistic Director

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